Xiaomi Frp Erase guide By Dc-Unlocker

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Xiaomi Frp Erase guide By Dc-Unlocker
Xiaomi Frp Erase guide
WARNING: FRP unlock will erase all user account and phone data
Step 1
Put phone into Recovery mode
Phone must be turned off
Press & hold volume+ and power button, after logo appears, release the buttons, this will put your mobile in recovery mode

Step 2
Select "Connect with MIAssistant" and connect usb cable. Make sure phone is visible on computer's device manager

Step 3
Launch DC-unlocker client

Step 4
Select Xiaomi from manufacturer's list and press detect button Magnifying glass

Step 5
Wait for mobile to be detected

Step 6
Open Server tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase
Click "Check login". (you can buy credits here www.dc-unlocker.com/buy). This step is not necessary if you are a dongle user

Step 7
Now open "Unlocking tab" and click "FRP Erase" button
Wait for FRP to be unlocked

Now you can restart mobile to complete the process​
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