Fix My10 v.2.1.3

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Fix My10 v.2.1.3


FixMy10 is a computer application to fix a variety of problems in Windows 8/10. 
Such a problem on the file associations, and problems with the Windows functions.
 This application will restore the settings / registry associated with file associations
 and functions of Windows that has been changed by a virus, malware, or other things that caused the error.
1-Click to fix.
Make you do not have to bother to fix the problem manually and complicated, simply with one-click problem is finished! ...

Fix file associations.
Helps you to fix file associations, and restore it to the original. So there is no longer an error when running files with certain extensions.

Improve the function of Windows.
Helps you to fix problems in Windows functions, such as Task Manager could not be opened, System Restore can not be used, and more.
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