How to Root Galaxy S9 SM-G960F

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How to Root Galaxy S9 SM-G960F
Make a KnoxGuard Unlock with ChimeraTool
Flash "twrp-3.3.0-0-starlte.img.tar" with ChimeraTool.
make sure the "Skip Auto Reboot" option is selected
Restart your phone in recovery mode:
press and hold bixby + volume_down + power,
when the display darkens immediately press and hold volume_up
(do not release bixby + power)
Twrp: wipe: Format Data (type yes)
Twrp: install:
Twrp: install:
Twrp: install:
Twrp: install:
Twrp: wipe: Advanced Wipe: wipe data, cache and dalvik/art cache
Twrp: reboot: system
Install MagiskManager (adb install -r MagiskManager-v7.0.0.apk)
MagiskManager: Settings/Superuser: Automatic response: grant


Use BIT3+ modem and Android 9 (Pie)
Do not check the status of the imei with *#0011#. It is NG, but it is not problem
It is important that the SIM card is on the phone at startup
and the PIN authentication is turned OFF

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