Lpro Magic Hello Tool v1.0

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Lpro Magic Hello Tool v1.0


How to bypass ios 15 with Lpro Magic Hello tool

    1. Connect your device by DCSD Serial Cable
    2. OPen i4cn Tools and Lpro Magic Hello tool
    3. Turn your Device to DFU Mode while connecting DCSD Cable
    4. Click on Preload Pwndfu
    5. Click on Preload Device and this will turn your device to Purple mode
    6. Click Preload Check and your device will reboot if it succeed
    7. Enter DFU again with DCSD Cable while it shows Apple Logo
    8. Click Run Pwndfu wehen you get info on i4n tools
    7. Click Run Device.
    8. Click Boot Device. If device get reboot when click boot device
    then enter recovery mode and DFU on steps 7
    If device dont reboot go to next steps.
    9. Click Check SSH when you see tick mark at side.
    10. Click Activation Device and your device will reboot
    11. All Done

Required to use Lpro Magic Hello tool

     1. DCSD Cable , Magico Cable or irepair Cable to turn your iDevice
        on DFU Mode. You cannot use patched checra1n for this method.
     2. Locked iDevice which is on ios 15
     3. Fast and Stable Internet
     4. Mac OS System.

Features of this Magic Hello Tool

     1. This tool only works on mac os only for now.
     2. You Dont get Signal / Call After this bypass.
     3. Supported devices 6s to X which is on Hello Screen.
     4. You dont need to jailbreak to use this tool.
     5. This is paid service and tool, you need to register your ecid
        before bypass.
     6. This tool support ios 15 above
     7. All other functions work normally after bypass.
     8. You cannot do reset and update after using this tool

Features of this Magic Hello Tool

    ❌Calls (Signal). No Signal after bypass ios 15.
    ✅iCloud Sign in

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