Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac v.6.51 VL macOS

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Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac v.6.51 VL macOS



Microsoft Office for Mac full set of new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
and OneNote that is provided for Mac users. New features include a user interface in the Mac version of the Ribbon
full support for Retina displays and new sharing features for documents
Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful tools for writing
and review them. The new design allows you to easily layout, change fonts, apply different colors on paper
The new Microsoft Office programs makes it easy to share documents their work
Share menu at the top of your app allows files as attachments or links to share
If a person is sent to you via the link attachments can run it directly from the email

Facilities and features of Microsoft Office for Mac

Keyboard shortcut to convey a message
Cancel Meeting in the Ribbon command now works correctly
Working properly filtered list of messages in the View menu
The author’s email address in the email header is displayed
Easy management of email, calendar, contacts and


New commands (such as New, Print, and Save) to quick access tool bar in the upper-left corner of the window has been added
When printing PDF, the file name is retained, the resulting file name as \\\”Untitled.pdf\\\” will not be displayed

Morph you can apply to multiple objects.
Added new commands (such as New, Print, and Save) on the toolbar
Improve presentation, the exact set design and animations

To see the full Microsoft Office for Mac is here to see
required system
Mac computer with an Intel processor
Mac OS X version 10.10
Recommended 1 GB of RAM
5,62 GB of free hard disk space
Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus also known as)
A with 1280 × 800 resolution or higher monitor
Recommended Safari 7

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