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This feature allows setting the device to factory mode without disassembling the phone
and without connecting hardware testpoint to it. No need to search for the schematics of testpoints

Please, run Sigma software in administrator mode

STEP 1: Prepare original flash file

It must exactly match the smartphone’s firmware version

You may take it from update_sd_base firmware folder
Use the same or higher firmware version
Don't forget to write down for yourself original firmware version of the device

STEP 2: Software testpoint - ON

Select "MTK" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
Go to the "Service" bookmark
Connect the phone to PC using USB cable in Upgrade mode: Press and hold VOL+ and Power ON buttons
Select "Upgrade mode -> USB upgrade" from the menu that will appear.
Important: SD-card should be removed from the phone.
Select "DBA Adaptor port" in the ports selection tab
Press "Software Testpoint ON.../OFF" button
Select original flash file in the menu that will appear (main file)
The device should now enter Factory mode
Now you are free to run different service operations, like Remove FRP, Read/Write operations, etc

STEP 3: Software testpoint - OFF

After completing all service operations, you need to set the testpoint OFF
This operation revives the phone from "factory mode" state and the device powers On normally

Disconnect the cable
Go to "Service" tab
Select "USB (autodetect)" in the serial ports selection tab
Select your phone model in the "MTK boot" drop-down menu
Press "Software Testpoint ON.../OFF" button
Plug the USB cable into the powered off phone


If you used the same firmware or wasn't much different from the phone's firmware
version for Software testpoint, no need to reflash the phone
It will power on normally after this service operation.
If the phone did not power ON normally, please reflash the device with full firmware (all parts)
You perform this operation at your own risk​
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