Team Win Recovery Project v.3.3.1-0

أحمد حزوري - أبو جبريل

طاقم الإدارة
Team Win Recovery Project v.3.3.1-0

1. DON'T FORGET TO ENABLE "OEM UNLOCK" and unlock BL in download mode
(located in Developers options).

2. KNOX will be tripped once you flashed custom binaries to your phone.

Your warranty may be voided.
However this may not affect you
if your country forces Samsung to provide hardware warranty regardless
of software status.)

3. Samsung Firmware OTA
(aka System Updates) will no longer work once you flashed custom binaries.
(You can flash custom ROMs if you want to keep the OS up-to-date.)

4. All apps that use KNOX like Samsung pay,
Secure Folder and maybe more will no more work

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